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Stay Always Connected with New Belkin Cases for the Apple iPad
Posted: Wed May 26, 2010 12:52:00 PM

Additional sleeves make it comfortable and easy to use your iPad whether you’re at home or on the go.

April 14, 2010 - Belkin adds ten cases to its lineup for the iPad-Cap Sleeve, Contour Sleeve, Grip Vue, Grip Ergo, Grip Swell, Grip Groove, Leather Sleeve, Leather Folio, Envelope, and Shield Clear. Like the previously announced Pleat, Vue, and Grip Sleeves, the new cases and sleeves add design, comfort, and protection for your new Apple iPad while you're on the go.

The new iPad unlocks the opportunity for these always-connected people, allowing them to read books, play games, watch movies, send emails, listen to music, browse the Internet, and much more. Belkin's new assortment of sleeves and cases protect and give you instant access to your iPad, making it comfortable to use in your hand, on your lap, or at a desk or table.

We've conducted consumer insight research that shows people want to be able to connect to the world- their friends, family, the Internet- at any given point in time, whether at the doctor's office, waiting in line at the grocery store, or even in a café. With these key insights, Belkin has developed new cases designed to keep the iPad easily accessible and protected.


* Vue Sleeve and Grip Vue available now at Apple stores in the US
* Vue Sleeve, Grip Vue, Pleat Sleeve, and Cap Sleeve available now at Apple Online stores in the US
* Other sleeves will be made available throughout spring 2010 in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

These sleeves feature lightweight, durable material and soft inner lining to help cushion your iPad and protect the touch screen.
Cap Sleeve (F8N276)

* Close-fitting knit design provides easy access
* Cushions and protects iPad touch screen from scratches
* Rolls neatly to store when not in use
* Colors: Perfect Plum/Violet Mist, Caviar/Gray

Contour Sleeve (F8N370)

* Contoured, reinforced, fused-rubber design protects iPad while on the go
* Compact design fits easily into a larger bag
* Colors: Perfect Plum/Violet Mist,Caviar/Gray

Grip Cases
Grip cases protect your iPad with a rugged layer of silicone or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Different textured designs add style, color, and increased grip-ability. Grip cases allow your iPad to charge while in the case.
Grip Vue (F8N378)

* Translucent case provides durable protection and enhanced grip-ability
* Made with impact-resistant TPU material
* Colors: Vivid, Royal Purple, and Black

Grip Ergo (F8N384)

* Ergonomic design offers comfort while reading, gaming, or surfing the Internet
* Contoured ridges provide maximum grip-ability of your iPad
* Colors: Vivid, Royal Purple, and Black

Grip Swell (F8N382)

* Made with snug layer of rugged silicone for shock absorption
* Features laser-etched printed pattern
* Colors: Vivid, Royal Purple, and Black

Grip Groove (F8N383)

* Features gripable textured surface with in-molded pattern to protect iPad
* Made with durable silicone for shock absorption
* Colors: Vivid, Royal Purple, and Black

Leather Cases
These fashion-inspired leather cases protect your iPad from everyday scratches and scuffs.
Leather Sleeve (F8N375)

* Enables instant access to iPad
* Made with luxury leather and durable materials
* Features soft inner lining for protection against scratches
* Secure closure keeps iPad in place

Leather Folio (F8N376)

* Made with durable luxury leather to protect iPad screen
* Features soft inner lining for protection against scratches
* Secure closure keeps iPad in place

Envelope (F8N377)

* Made with durable leather-look materials to protect iPad screen
* Features soft inner lining for protection against scratches
* Secure ribbon closure provides extra security in keeping iPad in place
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