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Belkin Conserve Gateway Connects to Smart Meter to Provide Energy Usage Insight in the Home
Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 09:29:29 AM
(Playa Vista, CA) - September 30, 2010 - Belkin today announced its Conserve Gateway, a router system that pairs with your smart meter to provide real-time insight about home energy use. Conserve Gateway delivers this information via a simple and elegant web interface.By partnering with utility companies, Belkin is looking to utilities to implement and install the system in their customers’ homes.

The interface allows people to easily track and reduce energy use in their homes and learn conservation tips. Further, it offers utility companies the ability to push information to Conserve Gateway with advice or calls to action, such as: "By using your dryer more efficiently, you can save up to $76 per year."

Its protocol was informed by extensive ethnographic research that proved most people don't know what a kilowatt-hour (kWh) is and have even less of an idea about where power comes from.

"We had participants jokingly claim that energy came from rubbing two sticks together," said Kevin Ashton, General Manager for Belkin Conserve. "Insights like this led us to change the tone of the conversation people were having about energy conservation."

Added Ashton, "Our system, from the friendly design language of the Gateway to the tone of our user interface is like a friendly doctor. We want to encourage good health and keep you focused on healthy behavior going forward. There's no sense in yelling at you after you've eaten a bacon double cheeseburger. Let's focus on the future."

With the growth of smart meter installations in homes, people need to feel empowered to act positively upon the information delivered to them. Belkin's own consumer insight research reveals people's growing awareness of and desire to reduce energy consumption. In a December 2009 survey conducted by Horizon Research and commissioned by Belkin, 81 percent of respondents indicated they would "make sure to reduce their household use of electricity that month if they noticed that their electricity bill was too high the previous month."

"The most successful smart meter implementations will be ones that drive compliance and encourage people to understand their energy use and feel motivated to conserve. Our strengths in understanding people's needs and in user-centric design will help empower people to be smarter about how they consume," continued Ashton. "We're helping people make progress every day."

Building off its expertise in home wireless networking, mobile accessories,and energy management products, Belkin aims to team with utility companies to bring these user-centric conservation experiences to its customers. "Given our knowledge in these areas, we really are experts in helping people connect to technology in meaningful ways," stated Ashton.

Conserve Gateway joins its retail siblings, Conserve Insight,Conserve Smart AV,Conserve Valet, Conserve Socket, Conserve Switch, and Conserve Surge, products that are all designed to help people easily save energy without altering their lifestyles.

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