Bradford Networks Rapid Threat Response

Administration and Operations Classroom Training
Tailored for network and security administrators, network managers and other IT staff

Bradford Networks’ premier training is the most productive and cost-effective means to prepare your staff to operate and administer Network Sentry. Led by an expert Bradford Networks trainer, the 2-day hands-on training is offered at regional locations and is tailored for network and security administrators, network managers and other IT staff who will utilize Network Sentry.

Bradford Networks’ Administration and Operations Classroom Training deliverables include:

Two Days of Hands-on Labs: There is no better way to learn than by doing. The class consists of structured, sequential hands-on labs. Each successive lab builds on your knowledge, thereby ensuring you are learning key concepts and procedures in the right order. Sufficient time is afforded for each lab’s successful completion. Sessions include:

Certification: Following successful completion of the course, each attendee will be certified as a Network Sentry Administrator.

Classroom Environment: Each class is taught by a Bradford Networks’ training expert at our training facility or regional location. Classrooms include lab resources for all attendees, dedicated time with the instructor and answers to all questions. Limited class size allows the opportunity to listen and interact with co-workers and other network professionals.


  1. Two Days of Labs
    • Hands-on training allows for “learning by doing”
    • Maximize ROI
    • Structured classroom setting
  2. Certification
    • Attendees become Certified Network Sentry Administrators
  3. Classroom Environment
    • Training is conducted by a Bradford Networks’ training expert
    • Fully-equipped lab
    • Limited class size
    • Sessions facilitate co-worker Interaction
  4. Course Pre-requisites
    • On-demand web-based training modules
  5. Training Package
    • Lecture guide
    • Lab guide
    • Hard and soft copies of all course materials

Course Pre-requisites: To ensure readiness for the hands-on class, on-demand web-based training modules provide an introduction to Network Sentry. Learn how to achieve network visibility of “What, Where, When and Who” is accessing the network and how to automate common operational scenarios to “Identify, Classify, Provision and Report” on users and devices. These on-demand modules provide the basis for effective Network Sentry administration:

  1. What It Does
  2. How It Works
  3. Detailed Operational “How”

Training Package: This package includes both hard and soft copies of all the course materials to complete the class, including the lectures and lab guides which cover all the procedures and best practices.

Administration and Operations Classroom Training
Challenges Benefits Deliverables
Enabling IT staff to keep up with the changing security landscape Accelerate ROI by learning how to exploit the power of Network Sentry Two days of hands-on, on-site training
Network security complexity Leverage the knowledge of Bradford Networks’ training experts Certification as a Network Sentry Administrator
Balancing act between securing an “open” versus “closed” environment On-demand class preparation to fit your schedule Fully-equipped lab
New tools causing production environment interruptions Prepare IT staff to enhance network security Access to web-based, on-demand pre-requisite modules
Time to train staff in new skills Learn in a simulated production environment Comprehensive training package
  Foster valuable interaction among colleagues  


PDF File
Download the Bradford Networks Administration and Operations Classroom Training Datasheet (PDF).