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Bradford Networks Network Sentry/Analytics Service Offering
Provide a unique perspective on bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trends

Network Sentry / Analytics Service Offering


Network Sentry/Analytics is a cloud-based service that analyzes long-term network access data to provide a unique perspective on bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trends.

Network Sentry/Analytics leverages data collected by your Network Sentry solution to delivers actionable reports that allow you to make informed decisions based on the connections being made to your network. By examining trends about devices, users, access points and duration, Network Sentry/Analytics helps you build a long-term BYOD strategy, plan for network capacity, profile user behavior and mitigate risk.

Getting Started
To kick off your Network Sentry/Analytics service, you will receive a welcome letter which includes a link to the Network Sentry/Analytics User Guide and your Work Order. The Work Order contains details of the services to be provided and the technical requirements for the configuration and operation of Network Sentry/Analytics in your environment.

First Work Session: Configuration and Discovery
A highly knowledgeable Bradford Networks’ engineer will configure Network Sentry/Analytics for your network environment, and create your reporting account in Amazon. Network Sentry/Analytics will then go through its discovery process (typically 5 -7 days) to collect initial information about users, devices and hosts on your network.

Second Work Session: Rapid Training
After reviewing and validating the data collected, the Bradford Networks engineer will show your staff how to use Network Sentry/Analytics to full advantage. Training includes features and capabilities, navigating the user interface and creating reports that help you make better decisions about your network. You’ll also be introduced to our vcustomer portal and on-demand content modules that provide ongoing learning opportunities.

Day-to-Day Management: Putting the Data to Work
After the second Work Session, the engineer will transition the daily operation of Network Sentry/Analytics to your designated IT staff and introduce you to your support team

Key Deliverables

Get valuable insights for long term BYOD planning


PDF File
Download the Bradford Networks Network Sentry/Analytics Service Offering Datasheet (PDF).