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Bradford Networks Remote Smart Service
Policies and procedures that will enable you to ensure network security across your organization

Remote Smart Service


The Remote Smart Service helps you get the most out of your Network Sentry implementation, based on your requirements. Our highly qualified and experienced consultant will leverage Network Sentry to help you create the appropriate policies and procedures that will enable you to ensure network security across your organization.

Bradford Networks’ Remote Smart Service deliverables include:

Project Planning
Bradford Networks’ Project Manager will collaborate with the customer to collect requirements and create an action plan, which will be documented in the work order. The customer must perform any pre-requisite tasks noted in the work order prior to the remote service session. Once the scope of work is agreed upon and documented, the remote service session will be scheduled.

The service engineer will back up the current database and configuration files prior to commencing the service effort. The Remote Smart Service will be implemented as documented in the Work Order via remote web conference. Upon completion of the service, the engineer will validate the new functionality.

Post Deployment
Within five (5) business days of completion of the Remote Smart Service session, the Project Manager will deliver the Smart Service summary and status report to the customer to close out the project.


  1. Project Planning
    • Document requirements
    • Establish action plan
    • Customer performs pre-requisite tasks
    • Schedule remote service session
  2. Implementation
    • Back up current configurations, profiles, and data
    • Implement service
    • Validate new functionality
  3. Post Deployment
    • Deliver Smart Service summary and status report
Remote Smart Service
Challenges Benefits Deliverables
Enhance security posture and reduce risk Further leverage the features and benefits of your Network Sentry solution Collaborative Work Order
Ensure proper configuration and deployment with limited solution experience Dedicated technical expert Dedicated Bradford Networks Technical Expert
Obtain greater value from product investment without over utilizing existing staff Get immediate value from your Network Sentry solution 4-hour remote session
Ensure best practices are implemented Enhance the value of existing security solutions with additional network information Remote Smart Service summary and status report
Train staff on features and functions quickly to get immediate value from the solution    


PDF File
Download the Bradford Networks Remote Smart Service Datasheet (PDF).