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- June 15, 2010 - To help people reduce their carbon footprint and lower their electricity bills, Belkin today announced four additions to its Conserve line of energy-saving accessories. Elegantly designed and easy to use, the Conserve Insight, Conserve Socket™, Conserve Valet™, and Conserve Smart AV™ make it easy to save energy and minimize your environmental impact.

With the size of the green marketplace estimated to reach $845 billion by 2015, energy management is emerging as an important new product category (Natural Marketing Institute). In a December 2009 survey conducted by Horizon Research and commissioned by Belkin, 81 percent of respondents indicated they would "make sure to reduce their household use of electricity that month if they noticed that their electricity bill was too high the previous month." These are two of many findings that highlight people's growing awareness of and desire to reduce energy consumption. Other important statistics include:

# The average cost of energy wasted from home electronic entertainment devices left on but not in use is $76 per year.*
# 1.2 billion metric tons of CO2 is produced to generate electricity for one year of residential use in the U.S.†
# 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity are consumed in the U.S. for standby power.‡

Recognizing this demand, Belkin’s new Conserve products aim to empower people to make better decisions around their energy usage. With its easy-to-read display, the Conserve Insight energy-use monitor helps you monitor your energy use by showing how much devices really cost-in watts, dollars, and carbon dioxide. Plug a device, such as a TV or microwave, into Conserve Insight to see the true impact to your wallet and the environment.

The Conserve Smart AV auto-off surge protector detects when your TV is turned on or off, and shuts down power to connected components-like video game consoles, DVD players, and home theater equipment-so that no energy is wasted when the TV is not turned on.

The Conserve Valet smart charging station is a convenient place to charge all of your mobile devices, and it also helps save energy by shutting off automatically when the devices are fully charged. (A charger left plugged into the wall can still draw power-even when no device is attached.) The Conserve Valet charges up to four devices such as cell phones, music players, and handheld video games, and it also reduces cable clutter.

The Conserve Socket power timer automatically shuts off power after a time interval you select. This helps save energy and makes a home safer by timing the power to devices such as curling irons, fans, and space heaters.

Save Energy with Four New Belkin Conserve Products

By BlueAlly
June 16, 2010

-June 21, 2010 - Belkin announces its new AV360 Mini DisplayPort Converter that adapts the signal from an HDMI® audio video source, such as a Blu-ray® player, Xbox®, PS3®, or cable box, to a DisplayPort-compatible signal. The new converter supports high-resolution video and audio, allowing customers to display HD content from external devices on the 27" iMac.

Belkin's AV360 Mini DisplayPort Converter for 27" iMac will be available in late June 2010 in North America, Europe, and Asia.

AV360 Mini DisplayPort Converter
# Accepts full 1080p signal, provides 720p to iMac
# Delivers stereo audio
# HDCP-compliant
# Includes the 4 ft. Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort Cable
# Includes 4 ft. USB cable (powered by the USB connection)
# Designed to complement supported Apple products

Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort Cable
* Male-to-male cable

Belkin Introduces AV360™ Mini DisplayPort Converter for 27" iMac

By BlueAlly
June 29, 2010

- June 25, 2010 - Belkin today announced that it has won the prestigious IDEA Award, presented by Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), a world leader in design innovation technologies. Belkin's Conserve Surge with Timer received a silver IDEA Award in the Packaging & Graphics category, and a bronze IDEA Award in the Commercial & Industrial Products category. The Conserve Surge with Timer is a cost-saving business solution that helps reduce energy wasted by office electronics.

Belkin began competing in 2002 and has received a total of 13 IDEA Awards, with the last eight awards occurring in the past five years. Belkin's award-winning design team also made Fast Company's Top "Corporate" Winners list of companies who have won the most awards in the past five years.

The 2010 IDEA jury, made up of 18 world-renowned designers and design thinkers, spent weeks previewing entries online and two-and-a-half days of face-focused on eight areas of industrial design excellence: innovation; benefit to the user; benefit to society and natural ecology; benefit to the client; visual appeal and appropriate aesthetics; usability testing; rigor and reliability for the design research category; and internal factors, methods, and implementation for the design strategy category.

Conserve Surge with Timer


* Built-in timer automatically eliminates wasted "standby power" consumption
+ Timer automatically turns off electronics plugged into the "auto off"outlets after 11 hours, requiring little to no effort on the part of the employee
+ Six "auto off" outlets for devices not requiring constant power, e.g., monitors, lamps, and printers
+ Two "always on" outlets for PCs and other electronics requiring constant power
+ One-touch on/off button sits on the desktop to control "auto off" outlets

* Designed for high-density, user-intensive office environments
* Instructional leave-behind card provides employee education and engagement
* Fold-flat packaging improves time to deploy
* User-driven, intuitive design helps eliminate tech-support calls


* Progressive Ð Empowers employees to participate in energy savings and cost reduction right at their workstations.
* Automatic Ð Energy-cost reduction is hassle-free with the built-in timer, which turns off electronics automatically.

Belkin Conserve Surge with Timer Awarded Silver and Bronze International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)

By BlueAlly
June 29, 2010