Bradford Networks Rapid Threat Response

Bradford Networks' Network Sentry/RTR
Automatically correlate high fidelity security alerts from the leading firewall and Advanced Threat Detection solutions

The security industry has made significant investments and improvements in cyber threat detection but containment (time from threat detection to remediation) is still a very manual, costly, and drawn-out process.

During these critical days or even weeks, high priced security experts must traverse IT domains, frantically sifting through and correlating silos of disparate alerts, events, and logs trying to uncover, trace and contain a threat’s electronic foothold. ¬†Unfortunately, this process is fragmented, manual and relies on intuition, and results in costly and extended incident response times. During this time, more and more of company’s intellectual property is stolen, its reputation is tarnished, and the cost of the breach continues to rise.

Introducing Network Sentry/RTR

Armed with high-fidelity security alerts, business context, and the ability to automatically control network access, Network Sentry/RTR minimizes a threat’s impact and response time.

Network Sentry/RTR leverages its unique Live Inventory of Network Connections (LINC) to automatically correlate high fidelity security alerts from the leading firewall and Advanced Threat Detection solutions with detailed contextual information on compromised endpoints, users and applications. Once identified, Network Sentry/RTR triggers an automated response, based on the severity and business criticality of the incident, to contain compromised devices in real time. Network Sentry/RTR also provides detailed historical information on all network connections, giving security experts unprecedented forensics to help fully understand and investigate the threat’s methodology, lifecycle and scope.

By automating the complex threat triage process and rapidly responding to security alerts, Network Sentry/RTR minimizes the risk to assets and intellectual property, protects the brand, and reduces the impact, time, and costs of containing cyber threats. And the threat response process, which previously relied on manually bridging teams and silos of information, is now streamlined and simplified. With Network Sentry/RTR Security Operations Centers can now stay ahead of the growing number of threats, alerts and incidents that continue to overwhelm them.

Key Features