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Accelerate deployment, knowledge transfer and time-to-results of your Network Sentry solution

QuickStart Service

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Bradford Networks QuickStart Service
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Accelerate deployment, knowledge transfer and time-to-results of your Network Sentry solution with Bradford Networks’ three-day express QuickStart Service. Our highly qualified consultants expertly install and implement an appliance or virtual server so you achieve your objectives and realize a rapid return on your investment.

Bradford Networks’ QuickStart Service deliverables include:

  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Three (3) days service time to complete the following:
    • Site evaluation
    • Implementation
    • Customization
    • Day-to-day management
    • Post deployment

Statement of Work: To plan the project, Bradford Networks’ Project Manager works with the customer to create an SOW that documents the stakeholders, requirements, process, deliverables and schedules the service session.

Site Evaluation: In the evaluation phase, we talk with your staff and stakeholders to gain consensus on your organization’s most critical challenges. Furthermore, we work with your team to evaluate your existing network infrastructure and determine which additional technologies can be leveraged as part of your new network access control environment. The Bradford Networks’ QuickStart Service serves as a comprehensive evaluation resulting in a roadmap for achieving your organizational objectives.

Implementation: We perform the initial deployment of Network Sentry based on the predefined specific scope and timeframe. The Network Sentry management console is configured and integrated within your existing network infrastructure. Network discovery and monitoring is then initiated to build a real-time network topology and device inventory. Connected devices are characterized to provide a network risk profile. Finally, the installation is validated to ensure proper operation.


  1. Site Evaluation
    • Identify stakeholders
    • Define objectives
    • Establish project plan
  2. Implementation
    • Management console
    • Network and device discovery
    • Testing and validation
  3. Customization
    • User and device Identification
    • Policy definition
    • Alerting and notification
  4. Day-to-Day Management
    • Administration
    • Incremental tuning
    • Reporting
    • Best practices
  5. Post Deployment
    • Status check-in
    • Address outstanding issues
    • Address outstanding Issues
    • Project completion (transition)

Customization: Your organization has a unique combination of network infrastructure and access polices. Integration with your existing network infrastructure provides the required visibility and control across all network devices and users. Based upon risk thresholds your security and risk management teams define, appropriate access levels will be provisioned. Capturing and integrating the security events into existing Security Operations Centers or Network Operations Centers is key to gaining maximum solution value.

Day-to-Day Management: After the initial deployment, we will transition responsibility to your designated IT staff and Bradford Networks’ support professionals. This includes knowledge transfer and preparation and delivery of materials such as best practices documentation, project plans and daily reporting. To ensure success, additional training classes may be recommended if skill or knowledge gaps exist.

Post Deployment: Following the QuickStart service, a status call will address outstanding concerns, answer any technology or process questions and learn if incremental tuning is required. At this stage, the solution is fully operational and IT staff are working to repeat the success of the initial deployment across a wider range of network segments, devices and users.

QuickStart Service
Challenges Benefits Deliverables
Obtaining greater value from product investment without over utilizing existing staff Ensure best practices are implemented right from the beginning Project plan for step-by-step instructions
Ensuring initial proper configuration and deployment with limited solution experience Train staff on features and functions quickly so you can get immediate value from the solution Rapid console installation and integration
Introducing personal devices to enterprise networks — Bring Your Own Device Improve security posture and reduce risk Baseline monitoring and reporting of network topology and devices
Defining accurate policies and provision flexible network access without introducing risk Correlate devices to users to define and enforce granular policies Key alerts to monitor network security
Eliminating network blind spots for unauthorized access using wired or wireless devices Proactively audit network usage to address security issues and anomalies Policies to provision network access based on device and user profiles
  Enhance the value of existing security solutions with additional network information Skills instructions for designated staff to gain experience in best practices
    Duration: 3 days


PDF File
Download the Bradford Networks QuickStart Service Datasheet (PDF).

Bradford Networks Products
Bradford Networks QuickStart Service
Bradford Networks QuickStart Service Call us for Pricing! Get a Quote!